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​Our classrooms are alive with laughter and learning. We strive to create engaging classroom environments, with lessons designed with students’ interests in mind.

​ 2017-18 James Keating Staff 
​PrincipalJan De Cola 
Admin. Assistant​Debra Finlay 
​Kindergarten​​​Carey Pilon & Shannon Quinlan
Cindy Dupuis & Crystal Graham 
​Grade 1​​Laura Robinson
​Grade 1/2​Gayle Kelly
​Grade 2/3Allison Bissell
​Grade 2/3 Stephanie Eng​lish​
​Grade 3/4Candace Corkery
​Grade 4/5​Sandra Mayberry
​Grade 5/6​Isobel Ball
​Grade 6/7​Elaine Benton
​Grade 7/8​Gina Latour
​Grade 8​Amy Beauchamp
​LibrarySarah Newton & Jacqueline Sykes Hesler
​Learning Centre​Stacey Withrow
​French​Lorrie Smith
​SERT​Nicole Robitaille & Jennifer Waterbury
​Planning Time ​Myles Bird & Jacqui Ralston
​EAs​Lisa Cote, Gail MacMillan, Cheryl Penny & Arlene Spiess
​CYW​Laurie Nicholson
​Custodial Staff​Art Danes, Joe Townes & Deb Denomme